Woodstock’s spirit has been released at the Open Road Fest!

Spirit from the bottle, resurrection, ecstasy – the Open Road Fest reaches the top, and on the first day of the festival, special rock music cocktail was served to everyone. The Ten Years After took back us in time of the 70’s, to the roots of pure rock music, we drove on road 66 on a motorcycle with the essence of music.


We’ve been touched by the ageless, scrathy, pure rock freling during the Ten Years After concert. The music lifted us up, and kept high, the melodies brought us back to the 70’s USA. We’ve been driven through a dusty road, freed from all of our duty. Although Alvin Lee could not be with us anymore, Woodstock’s spirit has been released during the show.


First time on the festival, Road’s debuted as the forerunner of the unique feeling. Their gig was so impulsive, hard, and cool at all. Later on, in the Rock Arena, Pokolgép brought us a hell-like performance, the air was filled with heavy metal, the stage a blew up in the end also! The rooftop was taken over again by a great Hungarian tribute band Hollywood Rose, who brought us our favourite songs of Guns ‘N’ Roses, with authentic rock and roll crushing.

Hollywood Rose

On Thursday the night was extremely hot beside the Rock Arena and the Main Stage too. First time in the Open Road Fest’s history, erotic, and sporty version of pole dance surprised our curious eyes, and before midnight the Steam On! pulled us into their magic world.


The party won’t stop today neither. The festival goes on with Ganxsta Zolee and the Kartel and the Alphaville. Moreover, just one more day, and it will turn out, who wins the H-D Street Rod.

Feel the Freedom!