Unique Stunt Show at the Open Road Fest!

Take a Harley-Davidson Iron 883, add a fearless stunt man and adrenaline bomb stunts: the breathtaking Stunt Show is ready! Have you ever seen a stunt man on a H-D Iron 883? Now get ready to a jaw-dropping stunt show that comes to the Open Road Fest!

When somebody say ’stunt show not a 250-kiligramm Harley on wheelie comes to our mind. But the Polish stunt man, Maciej “Dop” Bielicki is preparing to do it at the Open Road Fest. The stunt man will domesticate the beast of the Sportster family front of the festival goers.

HDiron stunt2

Maciej “Dop” Bielicki will bring extraordinary show with his Iron. There will be no shortage of gruesome wheelies, stopping on the front wheel, drifting, and stunts what looks like impossible to do with an Iron.

HDiron stunt1

The impossible is nothing according to him, which he proved with the fact; he has conquered the stunt world with a V2 engine. After all, when the Harley and the passion meet, something big is born. Be part of the unforgettable show when the Polish stunt man performs with an Iron 883.

Buy your tickets now and see you at the 18th Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest – ’Feel the Freedom’!

7-11 June 2017, Lake Balaton, Hungary