The 18th Open Road Fest has started

Motorbikes, trikes, quads, two- four-wheelers- the motorbiker-canaan has started yesterday officially. It is the 18th time, when not only Hungary’s but also the region’s largest music and motor festival, the Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest opened it’s gates. The first day was loud of engine’s sound, motorbikes and rock music, but the party begins just now! Today,  Woodstock’s spirit comes alive again: Ten Years After arrives, and soon it will be revealed who will win the Harley-Davidson Street Rod.


Colourful, loud, and no less spectacular motorcycle teams left Budapest Wednesday morning, heading to Alsóörs, a lot of other drivers arrive soon from couple of European countries as well. Day 0 was running “only” on half power, but as you will see, this year’s “Feel the Freedom” vibe is going to be maximized. Yesterday the Deák Bill Gyula concert was just extraordinary, in the next 3 days the adrenaline level will be rising by unique stunt shows, circus productions, guided tours and, of course, a lot of rock concerts.


This year it doesn’t matter what kind of bike you arrive on, you might leave with a brand new Harley! But beside the lucky winner, everyone can try what it feels like riding a Harley-Davidson, because the Harley On Tour brought the newest Harley models. The well-known Hungarian stars, Sidi and Tomi Fejes from the band Tankcsapda, Kokó and Viki Kis couldn’t resist the bikes and they also tried them during a long half-Balaton ride.


After the strong start, the party goes on today! If you feel the vibe of the rock music in your chest, hear the sound of the engines and see the smiling faces: you’ve arrived!

18. Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest – 7-11 June Alsóörs, ’Feel the Freedom’!