Smashing tunes await you at Open Road Fest

This year the audience of Open Road Fest can once again release the steam at genuine rock concerts between 6th and 10th of June. Tankcsapda will take it to the stage lead by 50 years old Laci Lukács, as well as the Open Road Fest-virgin Leander Kills and The New Roses – owner to the German soundtrack of the TV series, Sons of Anarchy. The 2018 line-up is completed by a real musical delicacy: Zenevonat enters the world of bike engines with the stars of the famous Hungarian band, LGT.

Hungary’s hottest rock band, Tankcsapda is already working on their 2019 jubilee album – which is not stopping them from rocking their fans with an unforgettable concert. Open Road Fest is home territory to the badass band but this year too, they have some new and speciality tracks up their sleeves, tailored to the festival. “We like to surprise ourselves too from time to time with songs or stage elements which stop us from being repetitive or ordinary” – says Laci Lukács, who comments on his 50th birthday in his ever-cool manner: “It might be more important to others than to my own self. The fact that I am fifty to me only means that I am one year older than the ‘only’ 49-year-old me, and one younger than the 51-year-old me” – adds the rock legend.

Prepare to listen to countless tracks known and loved by all Hungarians on the banks of Balaton in June. Zenevonat will greet the audience with the iconic members of the band LGT – János Karácsony and János Solti, accompanied by fellow young musicians, Gábor ‘Biga’ Heincz and Mónika ‘Nika’ Veress, together with the Abrakazabra band. “We had concerts at many festivals, but this will be the first time to perform for an all-biker audience. We are excited, as no one from the band rides a bike. I mean, Tamás Somló does it, but up in the skies” – tells us János Karácsony.

The motorbike festival is of course not only for old-timer legends – this summer the increasingly popular band Leander Kills will lose their Open Road Fest-virginity. Although the kiddos are not tough bikers yet, they can already guarantee that you will lose yourself in the uncontrolled happiness and promise an atmosphere that you would ditch your hottest wet T-shirt contest memories for.

As for international concerts, the already announced Apocalyptica and Canned Heat is joined by The New Roses, composer of the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack.

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Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest – 6-10th June, 2018, Lake Balaton, Hungary – 
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