Rock soldiers invaded the stage of the Open Road Fest

The main stage of the Open Road Fest was loud of rock, delivered to us by Ossian and The Sweet. Guests enjoyed the biker programs as well as the continuous hard rock, and were offered a peek into stunt Csaba Erdős’s world behind the scenes.


The third day of the festival brought exciting moments to the festival goers, and even teased the Sun out from behind the clouds. The day’s guided tour targeted the famous Varga winery, after which the announcement of the Poker Run competition results kept bikers on their toes. The biker-seedlings were not forgotten either – the charity Kids Race was loud of whooshing plastic bikes, the winners left the race with a Harley-Davidson gift pack. The Baptist Charity Aid and the festival’s organisers ask the bikers to support the young racers in need and their peers with the donation of the price of a tank of gasoline.


Following the excitement of the Kids Race, and extraordinary stunt show shocked the viewers. The young freestyle motocross racer, Péter Hujber gave goosebumps to the crowd flying in the air on his bike, showing a selection of his unique tricks. “I am not saying that I am not nervous before the jumps, but this is the beauty of it”, he adds. “I have been doing FMX for twenty years, track biking is in my blood, though each trick requires a lot of practice”.


Csabi Erdős also amazed the viewers at his stunt show, leaving the crowd willing for more – some even got a chance to participate in the tricks. “Fear is what keeps me alive, but when I am on the bike, only security matters; though this does not mean that I am doing it as routine”, he says. “It is a consistent sport, I would say similar to figure-skating. Every trick needs maximal precision and a lot of practice”, adds Balázs, another member of the stunt-group. “Huge adrenalin rush, which is shared between us and the viewers”.


The cherry on top of the day was the stage-shaking concert of Ossian, followed by The Sweet’s crazy show. The viewers were more than satisfied and made the camping loud of singing. “I enjoy the concert a lot. We love playing at the Open Road fest, not only is it professional, but also is a beautiful environment and the people are great” says Endre Paksi, the singer of the band. “I am a huge Sweet fan, I will surely stay for the concert”.


The Sweet lived up to the highest expectations and delivered a huge rock party. The crowd was amazed by the glam rock and the stage almost exploded of the energy at the Ballroom Blitz. Today the Helloween and the Anna and the Barbies take over the main stage, but only after the much-awaited parade at midday.