Karthago lives up to the expectations of the Open Road Fest

Following Ivan and the Parazol, Karthago, the Harley-Davidson of rock smashed the main stage and even let a Cross Bones bike roll in for the finale. The second day of the Open Road Fest was pure rock with a good deal of adrenalin at the Death Globe, guided tours and an honest confession.

ORF_2016_IMG_6363The second day at the Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest surely beat the first day’s opening excitement; there was no place for boredom. Dawn chorus mixed with rock tunes woke the festival goers up, who were hungry for the day’s programs.


Dictated by traditions, the morning started with guided tours, where riders targeted the winery of Konyár. The test-driving truck of the festival keeps leaving guests in awe of the shiny new Harley-Davidson models.

The lord of the Death Globe, stunt Attila Gombos amazed the viewers with his show in a magnificent iron cage, circulating vertically, horizontally and even around a chainsaw pouring fire into the iron cabinet, at a speed of 70 kmh. He was not even disturbed when he put his blindfolding hood on. “Actually I am happy to be done with my show”, he adds jokingly, sitting on his Harley-Davidson. “It’s good being here again, I myself also am a fan of Harleys and the Open Road Fest. Tomorrow’s and Saturday’s show will be even more exciting”, he promises.


Speaking of promises, Karthago also proved their words right with their smashing rock sounds at the main stage. Their new album hits set the concert off, spicing the atmosphere up for their famous Requiem, which ended the show at a high note, just as it did 37 years ago. As singer Ferenc Szigeti said, “Karthago is like Harley-Davidson: old and good.” You ask for proof? Requiem still waters the viewers’ eyes, stopping time for a second.


The evergreen rock bands left space at the main stage for new-generation pop-rock. Ivan and the Parazol introduced the new genre with full success; the dancing crowd joined the singer with loud shouts for the last track.


Riders’ Tent took care of the guests until dawn, treating them with the best riders’ hits. Well-known and well-loved music was brought onto stage by bands ACID/DC, Twisted Sister Tribute and Scorpions Tribute Band for the lovers of old-school at the Open Road Fest.

Bikers should get fixed up for the mouth-wateringly leather-jeaned band, The Sweet’s concert today, but only after the legendary Ossian, who surely has some surprises for the lovers of Hungarian hard rock.