Chill out with yoga and strength with functional training at the Open Road Fest!

Get in shape for the evening party and fill up with yoga in the morning. Try the two exciting modes of motion first time at the Open Road Fest history. And this is just the beginning!

everness 2

Yoga, chill out music, and interesting presentations- Everness Dóm the island of the peace is waiting for you at the Open Road Fest! Get to know how the yoga and meditation works or try the functional training with professional trainers.

everness 3

The wide range of the programs of the Everness Dóm you will find the best for you: meridian, yoga, five Tibetan yoga exercise, performances and handicrafts for children. After the afternoon recharge, the night parties will start where the best Hungarian and international bands are rocking on the stage.

everness 1

Besides yoga exercises there will be no shortage of hard workouts. You can try the new generation of muscle-building modes, the functional training at the festival. Whether it is a routine bodybuilder or a beginner, the coaches are looking forward to all of you. Chill out, get in shape, recharge and party!

Feel the Freedom! And see you at the 18. Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest!