Domestic Rules

Rules of the Festival

The ticket only entitles you to enter to the event if you agree to the policies and the security rules for the Festival and understand that the organizers will verify compliance with them.

Tickets bought before the Festival are going to be changed for armbands when entering. Armband has to be worn on wrist during its authenticity period. Armband is checked at the entering points and continuously in the Festival area by Organizers.

Tickets are protected by security marks, and their authenticity will be controlled by the organizers at the entrance. The organizers do not accept responsibility for eventual fake tickets in circulation.

Tickets will not be either refunded or exchanged!

Ticket information

Harley-Davidson Daily ticket is valid till next day 9:00 a.m. in the morning.

Weekly ticket entitles Visitor for entering the Festival area from 12:00 on the first day to 23:00 on the last day (Sunday). Visitor can also stay at the camping area during the period of Festival.

In case of expired ticket/armband, Visitor has the opportunity to buy new one in the Festival area. Visitor is bound to leave Festival area with invalid armband.

Ticket/armband can not be assigned to other person! Armband worn on wrist are the only valid entrance ticket. DAMAGED – cut, bigger than the back of hand, stc. – ARMBAND IS INVALID! Organizers proceed against ticket fakers and participants involved in faking.

Children under 12 years are allowed to enter Festival area for free!

Children under 14 years may only take part in the event when accompanied by an adult!

Harley owner with an old-timer bike licence is entitled to 50% discount from the festival ticket price. (Only available on the Fest).

HOG member with valid HOG card – one preson- is entitled to 4 € discount from the festival ticket price (Only available on the Fest!).

Objects that are not allowed in the Festival area

1. Devices particularly hazardous to public safety

Gov. Decree Nr. 175/2003 (X.28.) regulates the scope of devices particularly hazardous to public safety.

Considering this, the following items shall not be brought in the events (they will be taken away, and a legal procedure will be started)

  •    stabbing or cutting tools with a stabbing or cutting edge longer than 8 cm,
  •    throwing stars, switchblades,
  •    stabbing or cutting tools and other devices capable of ejecting objects that may cause injuries (bow, crossbow, double knife, harpoon gun, sling, slingshot),
  •    devices typically used for hitting or for enhancing the effects and strength of impact (such as leaded stick, brass knuckles),
  •    rods and weights coupled with chains or other flexible material,
  •    chemicals, gases and sprays to make others unconscious or unable to defend (e.g., gas spray, pepper spray),
  •    any tool that is similar to a firearm (imitation firearms) and can be used as such in a deceptive manner
  •    any tool that is able to cause a defenseless condition through the use of electric voltage (shocker)
  •    tools for opening or breaking locks illegally

2.  Prohibited equipment and materials;

  •    weapons operated by compressed air or carbon dioxide
  •    gas guns
  •    signal pistols, starting pistols,
  •    pointed or sharp-edged objects (e.g., ice pick, ax, scalpel)
  •    hand tools (e.g. crowbar, drill, chisel, screwdriver, hammer);
  •    blunt instruments that can be used to cause injury (e.g. baseball bat)
  •    explosives, pyrotechnics,
  •    drugs or other psychoactive drugs listed by national regulations.

3.  Other items:

  •    alcohol (commercial quantity)
  •    tobacco (commercial quantity)
  •    gas cylinders, gas burners, gas heaters,
  •    glass bottles,
  •    umbrellas,
  •    rigid rods and tubes longer than 1 m (e.g., flagpole)
  •    combustible materials and ignition sources, and
  •    pets (without leash, muzzle and vaccination certificate).

Upon entering, the security service will search your clothing and package and will also make random drug checks. All disputes shall be decided by the local head of the security service.

Prohibited activities at the event:

  •    bathing not in the designated place,
  •    fire lighting,
  •    crowd surfing, wall of death and any other individual or group activities that interfere with or threaten the physical safety or the enjoyment of others,
  •    erecting a tent in an illegal or enclosed area,
  •    any activities harmful to the environment,
  •    graffiti or other vandalism,
  •    visiting the event under the influence of alcohol or drugs and other intoxicants,
  •    smoking or using an open flame at closed program locations and in tents,
  •    entering with a motorbike or motor vehicle having no license,
  •    traffic behavior in the event area that may endanger the safety of others

The above activities will entail an official damage compensation procedure as well as a ban from the premises of the event.

The Highway Code must be observed also in the area of the event! Do not to drive drunk!

In accordance with the statutory provisions, smoking is not allowed indoors in common spaces (tents, dining rooms, etc.)!

The organizers will not accept liability for any damage caused to persons or property if they result from the irresponsible behavior of the participants.

By receiving the tickets, you agree not to have any claim against the organizers or the makers or the legitimate users of recordings that will be made during the event and in which you also may appear.

With remarks, complaints and ideas Visitor can turn to the staff of Information point and Customer Service. Please hand found objects to the Information point, and also search those here!

We reserve the right to change the program!

Please pay particular attention for natural values, and do not litter!

Have a good time!