The party never ends at the Open Road Fest

The last day of the festival was awesome: biker’s wedding, hard rock with the Helloween and an exclusive show by the Anna&the Barbies.

01In the morning the motorbikers gathered near the festival aera as the traditional motorbiker parade started. Thousands of motorbikes lined up at the start to share the festivals’ most beautiful moment: the ride together.


After the parade the Gravity Academy gave an extraordinary sport show and Attila Gombos rolled into the Death Ball again. The party and programs continued at night.

The Anna & the Barbies concert started in rain but the weather did not put the festival guests off. Anna Pásztor, the singer of the band, attracted a huge crowd front of the Main Stage.


The first songs drew the audience close to the stage like a magnet. The viewers were more than satisfied and made the camping loud singing the songs with the band. The music and the energy of the tunes mesmerized everyone. The Anna & the Barbies were passionate and they were gave a special vibe to the viewers.


Before the bombastic concert of the Helloween the bikers’ wedding took place. Two Open Road Fest fans said „I Do” in front of thousands of people on the Main Stage. The bride arrived on the stage on a quad with Attila Dobai, the creator of the festival.


The Helloween lived up to the highest expectations and delivered a huge rock party. The crowd was amazed by the hard rock and the stage almost exploded of the energy at Killin It. New and old songs could also be heard and the party was hight.