The Gravity Academy beat the gravity again!

Without engine and wheel in the air? Impossible is nothing for this guys whose bring tricky somersaults, bone-breaking stunts!

The Gravity Academy combinate the beauty of extreme sports and thrill, which special feeling due to the three different sport in one big show.


They will show exciting tricks by bicycle and unicycle. The show spectacle to captivate the eye, because the combination of jumps and tricks takes you into a new dimension of extreme sports and pushing the boundaries of sports.


Whose bring the show?

  • Jamrik András (mountain bike Trial) – Trial Hungarian champion
  • Fábián Márk (unicycle), three-time world champion, a four-times champion EUC (Extreme Unicycle Championship), former world record holder (high jump)
  • Horgas Péter (parkour) – 2-time world champion