The best known Hungarian rock band is coming to the Open Road Fest!

Get ready the rock attack because the Tankcsapda shows up on stage and brings an ultra hot and wild concert. The guys who are toured around USA, arrive with new sounds and show what we’ve never seen before! Furthermore the guitarist of the band tells us a secret about the success of the band and about what it feels like being a rock star.

“We found a totally new concept and a completely new show for the Open Road Fest”- said Sidi the guitarist of the Tankcsapda. They will bring the most known rock songs and the newest ones to the Open Road Fest which means a lot to the guitarist. “I love the vibe of the festival. It’s a little bit like a playground for adults. Wherever you look you’ll see a lot of unique motorbikes and things which were worth enough to getting up for. At the Open Road Fest everything is given to feel the Freedom”


And why the Open Road Fest is different from the other festivals for a rock star like Sidi? “Here the party never stops. A lot of things happens on the stage and around the festival at day and night.” To maximize the festival party experience the Tankcsapda will blow up the stage with the hottest rock song.

In the early ’90 everyone knows the rock band and after three decades the Tankcsapda is still on the top. The band becomes the icon of the rock and they made a cult that is still alive trough three decades. Beware their music causes addiction!


“We look back to our roots. This is the secret of our success. We know where we came from. We take inspiration from our childhood dreams and we live those moments when we on the stage”- said Sidi. “We live for the rock music and the band. We are the rock and roll.”

June 10, Saturday, you could be part of the rock and roll lifestyle. The most popular Hungarian rock band the Tankcsapda is coming to the stage so get ready because it will be loud, hard, tough and cool!

Come and party with us. Buy your tickets now and feel the rock vibe!

See you at the 18th Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest – ’Feel the Freedom’!

7-11 June 2017, Lake Balaton, Hungary