Programs are everywhere- sky and ground not exception!

Wherever you look there will be exciting attractions! On the ground Csaba Erdős’s stunt show make the audience on fire and above the Open Road Fest Zoltán Veres aerobatic pilot Guinness record holder conquer the sky!

The king of the horizon Zoltán Veres aerobatic pilot preparing with an unique show to the Open Road Fest! The spirals and attractions just the warm up to the final productions! Look up to the sky and watch the exciting air show at Saturday 6.30 pm above the festival!


The parade won’t missing from the groud neither because Csaba Erdős Stunt Show brings gripping moments to the festival. One wheel stops, blind-driving? These are just the beginings of the final big show!


You won’t be boring on friday and saturday neither because there will be two fantastic program above the sky and on the ground.

Feel the Freedom at the Open Road Fest and see you there between 8 and 12 of June. Buy your ticket now!