Huge adrenalin bomb explodes at the Open Road Fest!

In the air, on the ground, on four wheels? Keep the tempo with the champion of the Gravity Academy, a fearless stunt man Csaba Erdős, and with the lord of the sky, Zoli Veres. And, if it isn’t enough, first time in the Open Road Fest history, a monster will roll into the festival…


The life never stops at the Open Road Fest: air show, stunt show, extreme sport show and these are just the beginning.

This year a heavy, unbridled monster will roll into the Open Road Fest. Beside the beautiful motorbikes, a huge Big Foot Monster Truck will shake up the festival. Get ready to its chain dropping appearance!


After the four-wheeled monster, there won’t be lack of the two-wheeled attraction. Without engine and wheel in the air, nothing is impossible for this guys, who bring tricky somersaults and bone-breaking stunts! The Gravity Academy combines the beauty of extreme sports and thrill. The guys will beat down the gravity again at the Open Road Fest.


The show goes on with Csabi Erdős, who will bring gripping moments to the festival with smiling face, that became his trademark. One wheel stops, blind-driving? The final big stunt show will surprise you for sure.


The parade on the clouds won’t be missing neither. The lord of the sky, Zoltán Veres aerobatic pilot brings us a unique show above the Open Road Fest! The spirals and attractions are just a warm up for the final productions! Just look up to the sky, and believe your eyes!

Don’t miss the four-wheeled and two-wheeled attractions. Be part of the adrenalin rising. unique shows, and get lifelike experiences.

Buy your tickets now. See you at the 18th Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest – ’Feel the Freedom’!

7-11 June 2017, Lake Balaton, Hungary