Horses, horsepowers, acrobatics – here, the daytime program of the festival:

No time for boredom this year at the 19. Open Road Fest – there will not only be musicians to fire things up, but crazy talented people who take the laws of physics and gravity head-on, rumbling in on bikes, bicycles and on horseback, or juggling with a high-performance chainsaw, just to entertain you!

Trick Riding Rodeo Show

First time in the history of the festival, bike riders are challenged by horse riders – you are in for a tricky treat by Rodeo Team. The body-twisting acrobatic tricks will shock you for sure! If you dare to watch, the rodeo will show you how rider and horse become one and battle the laws of physics together…

Put life into wood? STIHL can cut it

Most of you will know István Gáborecz, sculptor of last year’s life-sized wooden motorbike, which made it to a street statue in Alsóörs. This year he raises the bet and carves a biker couple to accompany last year’s bike. On top of that, STIHL’s two Timbersports competitors will perform for you, you will partake in a noise-competition starring a Hot Saw, and you better get ready for the bike wash…

Goodbye, gravity!

Gravity Academy have proved for us that even without bikes, they are worthy at this festival. The guys mix four different sports into a cocktail of extreme backflips, breath-taking jumps and spins on two wheels, one wheel or without wheels. The multi-award-winner company will entertain you with shows where gravity is uninvited.

Wicked moves with Csaba Erdős

The Open Road Fest would be incomplete without the show of Hungary’s top stuntman. The daredevil Csaba Erdős will tame two-wheeled steel beasts like no other and shock the audience with impossible stunts. Zoltán Angyal will take the lead on Saturday, who will elevate into heavenly heights – try not to freak out!

Machine monster in the air

Adrenaline will not only occupy the ground – it will invade the air when Zoltán Veress, Europe champion, world champion and Guinness-record pilot takes off. His speciality twists are guaranteed but get excited for more show stopping manoeuvres above you. Do not miss out!