Harley-Davidson Museum where the legends hiding

The Open Road Fest creates the most exclusive exhibition that moce Jean Davidson to tears of joy. Come and walk trought the doorstep of the wood workroom and let the present behind your back because we show someting that you’ve always dreamt about.

Hungary first Harley-Davidson Museum team up again to bring the most exciting relics, motorbikes, and story. „In March we went to Attila Dobai, the creator of the festival, with my friend Sándor Nóbik who asks me that somwehere at Kecskemét: Mihály! How about if we do a Harley-Davidson Museum to Open Road Fest? – said Mihály Lugasi the Harley-Davidson co-founder of the museum.

Kép 982

The museum was a very big succsess and got the biggest recognition: move Jeam Davidson to tears when he saw the saw the HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTOR CO. sign above the door. „He said that the origin sign was painted by his grandfather.

The exhibition starts at the copy of the origin workshop where the the original work tools, photographs will be exhibit. And of course the gas station will be there too”- said Mihály. „Front of the entrance an 1916 Ford T modell Pick Up wellcomes the guests with an original Harley-Davidson Service sign on her sides.”

2009_06_10_14_ALSÓÖRS 568

All motorbikes and the T modell are from Hungarian collectors whose unselfishly and willingly bring their vehicles to the Open Road Fest. The museum’s oldest iron is a 350cc bike form 1913 and the most exciting monsters and built and bring by Pákozdi “Sapka” Tamás. One thing is sure, don’ t miss it because you won’t see the same soon.