Fire dancing, mystique and magic at the Open Road Fest!

First time of the festival history fire dancing productions, breath taking juggling, acrobatics, aeronautics and burlesque dance moves will bring the special, mystical world of the travelling circus.


Three days and three special show are waiting for us. The Firebird Juggling group which performed in the United States of America, Europe, India, and in the Near-East is perform with a spectacular show. With their words we will see a: “humorous acrobatic world change in 30 minutes.”

Their production Steam On! combine the acrobatics and fire dance with innovative elements and spectacular effects in a unique way. And what is Stem On about? According to them: Steam ON! is a street theatre act performed by jugglers and acrobats. The scene plays in the world of steampunk, a fictional age where steam power is still widely used. The three weird outlaw characters are running away from the law driving their marvellous steam-powered velocipede.

Beside the spiritful acrobatic show the Freak Fusion Cabaret’s performance will display the mystic world of the last century’s travelling circles with dark humour variety show-style. The performers of the spectacular jugglers, acrobatics, aeronautics and burlesque dance scenes are the best of the underground circus life!

The last night of the Open Road Fest will open by the Firebirds hot production the Swing Over. Fire, competition, humour, excitement. Start the Saturday party whit them.

Buy your ticket now and be the part of the travelling circus’s mystic world, experience the eye-catching productions from first row and party at the Open Road Fest with greatest rock legends. Feel the Freedom!