FEEL THE FREEDOM at the 20th Open Road Fest!

How many kinds of Harley bikers exist? Did you know that there are two kinds of Harley-Davidson riders? There are riders who have already pulled the throttle at the Open Road Fest at Balaton in Hungary and there are riders who will do – it’s that simple.

If you are unfamiliar with the event I am talking about, sit on the couch, put your motorcycle-booted feet on the coffee table and read on while sipping your favourite tipple. I am sure that, before you get to the end, you will have decided to come to the Open Road Fest and join the ‘greenhorns’ who let their bikes blaze (shine) in the Balaton sunshine and melt into themselves with the horsepower feelings!

You, a green horn can ask us point blank: so what makes the Open Road Fest so special? Those who have already enjoyed many unforgettable H.O.G Rally events, will give you a short answer:

• Because it is about freedom, parties, the Festival’s 20th birthday and YOU!
• Because you will participate at the region’s largest motorbike and music festival
• Because you will infuse the clear blue water of Lake Balaton with its uncountable beautiful mountains and valleys into your retina and enjoy this unique landscape
• Because at the end of the tours you can enjoy ice-cold beer and tasty Hungarian wines and palinka

Well…this is the Open Road! This is Lake Balaton…

We are convinced that being H.O.G members is an honour. There is nothing like it and it gives you that once-in-a-lifetime feeling. We are one big, fancy and cool family that can be found all around the world but, regardless of where we ride our bikes, we are friends with every other Harley rider. We celebrate every birthday together, be that in Rome, in Lugano, in Prague or at Lake Balaton!

A proud tradition

For the last 20 years, every Saturday has been marked by one tradition – the Saturday meetings – where there is adrenaline from both the waving locals and the riding bikers who are filled with machine testosterone power complete with their leather jackets. The shores of the Balaton have already seen the flags of all chapters, the beginning of lifelong friendships, many plans drafted for continental tours, romances and even marriages!

The Festival’s main stage lineups has seen many iconic bands and singers, including Uriah Heep, Steppenwolf, Motörhead, Chris Norman, Creedence Clearwater, Bonnie M, Alvin Lee, Hot Chocolate, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Gary Moore, Suzi Quatro, Alphaville, Chocolate Puma, Nazareth, The Sweet, Ten Years After, Bonnie Tyler, Boban Markovic, EUROPE, Helloween, Canned Heat and Apocalyptica, offering unforgettable memories until the break of dawn.

Moreover, the Open Road Fest’s main stage has also witnessed many moments of couples deciding to get married. In such cases, marriages occurred with the families present and all traditions were considered! Here the Open Road Fest family means approximately 15-20,000 bikers. Long white dresses have been combined with tight leather jeans and couples ride to the Registrar on the stage with their Harleys, accompanied by applause. So, regardless of who you are, be prepared to experience whatever may come your way!

Happy Birthday 20-20-20!
Dobai Attila, the founding father of this festival, started it as a family business. While starting to organise it for the first time, he also participated at the birth of his two children. Then, while laying the foundations of the Open Road Fest, he also participated at the birth of his third child, Dora. In 2019, they both celebrate their 20th birthday. Naturally, Dora and her father are Harley riders even today and they can be seen riding their bikes during the parade at the Balaton lake.

At this 2019 jubilee event, let’s start with a small taster, we have stars like EUROPE and Glenn Hughes performing Classic Deep Purple Live and many rock and tribute bands.

Everybody has a bit of Harley, especially in us!
The first scene of the film Easy Rider showed Peter Fonda riding his American-flagged Harley and throwing his watch away because the road, freedom and eternity were waiting for him. He was driven by adventure, bravado and self-determination, the unique forms of which can be experienced only on motorcycles.

Free YOUR spirit and be with us in the first weekend of June 2019 at Lake Balaton in Hungary to enjoy the unique exhibits in the Harley Museum, party with us and your H.O.G. soon to be friends and celebrate the birthday with us! Come and take jubilee selfies at the motorbike stunts show and with a real-sized Harley statue the symbol of the Festival and a local landmark.

There are never enough kilometres, Harleys, music, beer and adventure, so we never get enough of LIFE! Your motorcycle’s unique sound is recognised by everybody all over the world. Harley-Davidson is more than a motorcycle brand; it is a way of life, a feeling. Come and experience YOUR Harley feeling with us at the 20th Open Road Fest!

Susanna Toth
H.O.G. Past Deputy Director,Budapest Chapter