Extraordinary ceremony at the Open Road Fest!

Are you marry in white leather dress, going on stage by a beautiful bike where after the ceremony your favourite rock band’s frontman congratulate first? At the Open Road Fest everything could happens!

“I will be in a white leather dress, which will be sewn into a huge tail, inlaid with with crystals, the veil is indispensable, but I still thinking about shoes – said Erzsébet. “I’m not an ordinary person according to my friends, and I never wanted to do anything like others, so they weren’t surprised about my marriage ceremony.”


The unique event involves lots of excitement, and as the wedding dress the ceremony won’t be ordinary. „For the stage’s right side, my best man, the father of the festival Attila Dobai will take me on by a motorbike. After the ceremony my husband will take me down from the stage by his motorbike, after bouquet toss!”- told Erzsébet. „I hope a future Open Road Fest bride gets it.”

„The first seconds of my marriage we’ll celebrate with my favourite rock band the Helloween’s concert. I secretly hope that the frontman congratulate me, because our wedding will be before their concert!”- said the bride.


„The place choosing wasn’t a random think. „Both of us adore the motorbikes and we fell in love to each other at the Open Road Fest”- said Erzsébet. „I know him for a long time, but that four days we spent together changed everything. So that wasn’t a question where I want to get married.”

This is not the first time when the Open Road Place gives place special events because it’s more than a music-motorbike festival! Here love borns, friends become brothers and everybody get a lifetime experience!