Early bird tickets sales are now on, Feel the Freedom again in 2016!

Early bird tickets are available for 60 EUR until 4th January, so make sure you have your pass to the 17th Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest in Hungary and ’Feel the Freedom’ in 2016 as well! Join us to start the party at Lake Balaton on the way to the European H.O.G. Rally!


The Hungarian Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest is one of the biggest biker festivals in the Central-European region. Year after year, more and more riders arrive to Lake Balaton from around the world, where there is only one rule that must be met: Have Fun!

What is the secret recipe for so many people why love this festival?

Firstly, take a large dose of nice and friendly riders and a uniquely beautiful location. Add nearly 40 music packages and cool motorcycle tours, topped with a huge parade. Finally, season it to taste with a little Custom Bike Show, Stunt Show, exciting culinary experiences and of course with beautiful Hungarian women.
Everyone can set the proportions that brings them the most freedom.

We will start announcing names from the line-up and some cool program venues with the arrival of the New Year, so stay tuned!

Meet at the 17th Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest on 8-12 June, 2016!

Buy your ticket NOW!

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