Big in Hungary! The Alphaville is coming to the Open Road Fest!

Forever Young, Big in Japan, Afternoons in Utopia – yes, you already know it, the famous synthpop band Alphaville is coming to the 18th Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest!


The unique sound of Alphaville is a mixture of pop, jazz, avantgarde, electronic and classic rock elements which make their songs super cool and immortal. They made  huge anthems like Big In Japan and Forever Young they know the secret of  success. They are on the top since the beginning! Sold-out shows and fantastic parties describe every single concert. The Alphaville has thousands of tours around the world and one of them was the Open Road Fest in 2011 when the band came on stage. Marian Gold – the frontman of the band – mentioned about the festival in one of his interviews: „It was fantastic mainly because of the beautiful girls.”


Since that the band made a brand new album the Strange Attractor which was a new milestone in the band’s life. They are working on one more new album that will debut in 2017!

Come and join with us on the 9th June when the history comes to life. Buy your tickets now and feel the Alphaville vibe!

See you at the 18th Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest – ’Feel the Freedom’!

7-11 June 2017

Lake Balaton, Hungary