Apocalyptica and Canned Heat take it to the stage of the Open Road Fest

Heavy metal and blues-rock explosion in Alsóörs. The atmosphere of our favourite, highest-horsepower festival will again be elevated by world-class musicians in 2018. On stage at the Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest Apocalyptica will hit the strings, the Finns who transform classical instruments into heavy-metal weapons, as well as Canned Heat, the big old blues band that partied Woodstock. If you were in doubt now you know: you’ve gotta be there in Alsóörs!

The line-up is of course not over with these two, but let’s see what there is to know about them!

Smell of gasoline mixed with symphonic metal, tough bikers and string-stretching sounds mashed up – this is what visitors of the 19th Open Road Fest can expect in Alsóörs in June 2018, as Apocalyptica, the prime export good of the Finns will join us there. The band with classical music background started playing hard-core tunes in 1993 for a laugh, to release steam – it took them as a surprise how much the audience liked what they were doing. Since then their fame is unfaded, and this year they had a jubilee tour of their first album. “We are always happy to come to Hungary, the audience here is fantastic, let alone the hot chicks. The Open Road Fest is especially exciting for me as I love biking and I hope I will get a chance to explore the surroundings on two wheels” – says Perttu Kivilaakso, the lead band member. Will we bring him to book?

Pure blues down generations – this could describe Canned Heat, the band on stage since 1966, who appeared at Monterey Pop Festival and made headliner at Woodstock. They mix modern electric blues, rock and boogie, and have musical staples attributed to them like On The Road Again, Going Up The Country or the Harley Davidson Blues, which could easily make it to our musical-motorcycle festival’s anthem! Over the years the band had several member-changes, with only Adolfo “Fito” de la Parra still in the group from the founders. However, the love for music and the authentic, quality sounds remained, and will light up the banks of Balaton in June, taking us back to the ’60-s wild America.
Four days of unrestrained freedom on two wheels and pulsating rock and roll on the stages. Do you have your ticket already? 5 day passes are on sale!

19th Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest – 6-10 June, 2018, Alsóörs
Feel the Freedom!