The second day was full of new eperiences

You cant live through a festival without new experiences. Our friday built on this. Stern bikers fighting with a rodeo bull, bungee jumping, well known musicans and the stunt show from Erdős was the main attraction of the second day.

For everybody this was the day when Anna and the Barbies made jam from a kiss and EDDA arrived at night to take over the main stage.


At the morning we had a press meeting where they tried to make clear that the riders are the most vulnerable in traffic so it is really important that they take care of each other and observe the traffic rules and maintain a saftey on the roads because „Our mutual cause to be out of harms way!” – said at the meeting.

A really strange happening of the day was when a lot of toddlers appeared with ther mini bikes and they raced around the big veteran bikes and old timers with such determination any grownup biker could be jealous of. Last years victor returned to the Kids Race as well and he managed to protect his title much to the delight of his father. We can see how Harley is in the small ones as well.


At daytime in the streets of the festival we run into some special people like the world champion Gábor Talmácsi or Csaba Erdős. The latter arrived with his high-toned stunt show in the all time recognized familiar way. The a big crowd watched the breath taking stunts.

Poker as itself is an interesting game. Particularly when you can get your cards following a motorbike trail. This year on the Poker Run everybody gathered their best cards with great fervor. At the end a lucky one gathered a full house. This was just plain luck or the game of the mind everybody can make their own decision on that.

IMG_3418 copy

The Anna and the Barbies main singer arrived with a really extreme style for the Open Road Fest. The mood was extremly high when she hide her face under a pig mask and drove mad the mostly male audience. EDDA Works finished the day with a three hours concert instead of the planned one and a half because they really felt the vibe of the festival. The biker audience almost never sleeps. The walk around in the tents at the night, in any time of the day the rock and roll is loud the beer tent is always full with original biker faces and you can see wondrous steel horses anywhere you look.

Join the biggest procession of the country because several thousand bikers take over the lake Balaton.
Will you join us?

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