Vote for the Hungarian Iron and win Open Road Fest festival tickets!

The Battle of the Kings is calling us again to fight. We are going to win to show the world how a Hungarian custom bike looks like! To do this we need you and your vote that now could worth a double Open Road Fest ticket!

The Battle of the Kings is a world famous competition where the Harley-Davidson Dark Custom bikes compete for the Custom King title. Get to know the Hungarian bike and support it with your vote!


There is a Sportster Iron 883 which is represens the crude, jet black custom style- how can it better? The answer is easy! You don’t need nothing just passion for bikes and a little rebellion against the conventions!

In motor customing the artistic concept and the high level of know-how combination creates the work of art: the bike which won’t hang on a museum wall, because it conquist the streets, and the roads. Let us introduce you the bike that represens Hungary, which was built by Harley-Davidson Budapest team. A cool, dynamic, exclusive, sporty cruiser that makes you hot!


The inspiration came by a real classic from the seventies: Sportster XLCR which was the era’s top model, the epitome of the dynamic, sporty motorbike. Another source of inspiration was the Mad Max movie. As a result, the old model was wrapped in a 21st-century style, and and came to life with ultramodern technology and pure power.

The characteristic appearance due to the original and custom bike parts, which were boosted  by the glossy black paint color, the unique and emphasized front fairing and tail, and the exhaust. Further the sporty design is guaranteed by the front and back LED headlamps and a little change: the beltdrive was replaced with a chain.


In addition to the stylistic appearance and usability is still the same, the bike brings the maximum in sharp bends and winding roads too. The voice of the open-ended exhaust has mostly same as a ‘jackals’, it’s recommended for people with strong nerves.

The dark warrior will also be shown at the Open Road Fest, come and fall in love with the Hungarian dark custom bike and help us win with a vote!

Moreover! Your vote now could worth a double Open Road Fest festival ticket, the entry to the realm of freedom.

The battle has begun! The voting ends April 18, so vote and win a pair of Open Road Fest ticket. Vote here: